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Northwest Bike Shop strives to be your go-to destination for all your cycling needs, including fixing what's broken on your two-wheeled fleet. Below you will find a few of our most popular services and prices for them. 


Standard Tune-Up | $64.99

Our most popular service covers everything from the front wheel to the rear, and everything in between. Hubs, wheels, brakes, shifting, headset, bottom bracket - we check over all of it to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. (Any replacement parts are extra.) 


Lite Tune-Up | $49.99

Not as all-encompassing as the full tune-up, the Lite Tune will make sure that the most important and frequently-adjusted parts are all in excellent operating condition. We check everything over for safety, and make sure that your ride will be both enjoyable and long-lasting. (Any replacement parts are extra.) 


Wheel True | $25.00

Potholes happen. Wheels get wobbly. We'll fix it promptly to keep your wheels true and centered. (Any replacement parts are extra.) 


Flat Repair | $17.50

We will check your tire for thorns, tacks, radial wires, and anything else that may have caused you to get a flat and fix it in only a few minutes. Price of the new tube varies and is not included. 


Bicycle Assembly from a Box | $120 - $160

If you have purchased a bicycle online or had one shipped to you, we will assemble and tune your bike for you. The actual cost of this service will vary depending on the kind of bicycle involved; single-speed BMX bikes require less set-up than full-suspension mountain bikes, for example. 


Boxing a Bike to Ship | $40.00

If you need to ship a bike for a destination race or because you have sold it online, we will happily help ensure that it arrives safely on the other end of shipment. Package handlers have a reputation for being less than delicate with boxes, and the best way to keep your bike safe is to pack it well. 

Note: Prices listed are for standard services and subject to change at our discretion. If your bicycle requires excessive repairs, it may cost more than the listed prices.

Ask us about any other service you need that are not listed here.

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