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You have bikes questions.  We have answers.

Do I need to replace my helmet?

If you have crashed the helmet or if it is older than 4 years, it really should be replaced. The material degrades over time, especially if stored in sunlight, and helmets are only designed to withstand impact once. 

How long does it take to repair my bike?

Basic repairs like a flat tire fix can usually be done while you wait. Tune-ups get put in our workorder queue in the order they come in. Most tune-ups take 3-5 days, but can take longer if we need to special order parts. We will give you a time estimate when you bring your bike in. 

When can I drop off my bike for repair?

Drop your bike off for repair at any time during our open hours, but keep in mind we may be busier during lunch or after work hours. We like to be thorough with our bike repair check in process, but can also usually accommodate customers with emergency or extenuating service circumstances. Send us an email if it's after hours and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.  

How much does it cost to repair "x" on my bike?

That's a tough question! We really can only give you an accurate estimate when we can touch, see, and feel the bike in person! We will do our best to give you a repair estimate price range over the phone based on what you describe, but seriously, just stop by. Estimates are free. Check out our service menu here. 

Can you ship my bike?

We ship all the time! Moving? Have your bike shipped here for assembly or let us take care of boxing your bike up with love and care and it'll be ready for you at your new destination. Stop in or give us a call and we will gladly estimate shipping costs. 

How often should I get a tune-up?

Depends on how many miles you put on your bike, in what conditions you usually ride, and how well you do your own basic maintenance. For most people, we recommend at least a Complete Tune every season or a Deluxe Tune every season for more avid cyclists. Regular drivetrain cleaning and lubrication goes a long way in extending your service window and component lifespan. 

How often do I need to lubricate my chain?

Again depends on how many miles you put on your bike, in what conditions you usually ride, and how well you do your own basic maintenance. If you ride in rainy, wet road weather, you could lube your chain everyday. If you can see it's dry, if there's a bit of corrosion, some stuck links, or you hear an excessive mechanical sound, chances are it could use a lube. Only use lubrication specially formulated for bicycle chains please! 

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